MARK’s French team, in partnership with local development partner Assembly, has recently won the Sustainable Fund Award at the 2023 LEAP Awards by Healthcare Ontario Pension Plan.

19 July 2023

Our teams are once again recognized for being at the forefront of community impact through Real Estate Investments by the regeneration of the Grand Opera – our mixed-use repositioning of a former luxury hotel in Paris – where vacant space at the pre-construction phase was made available for vulnerable women and children, free of charge.

Partnering with local charities, support services and the Parisian authorities, 139 women and children were given a secure home for 13 months, as well as counselling, coaching, physical therapy, educational and nutritional services for residents, and an opportunity for local charities to provide further assistance. Over 160,000 free meals were provided. This innovative initiative demonstrates our commitment to the local communities in which we operate, where meaningful social impact can be delivered through creative asset management methods.

MARK, with the local support of its operating partner Stepling and Assembly, its development platform, are pioneering forces in Paris’ ESG landscape. Last year, the teams secured for their Fund, the ISR label from the French government’s Ministry of Economy and Finance – awarded exclusively to funds which demonstrate concrete and measurable results from socially responsible investments.

MARK Paris Urban Regeneration Fund (MPUR) acquires prime-located but obsolete or under-utilised buildings in the capital and redevelops them into mixed-use commercial-led spaces with unrivalled ESG credentials. The Fund spearheads MARK’s overarching vision of addressing the growing demand for brown-to-green transformations observed in key urban cities throughout Europe


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